Diverse solutions.
Better management outcomes.

The Barthwell Group, a Certified Woman-Owned, Minority Business Enterprise, is a strategic management consulting firm. We work with a range of clients, from small colleges and universities to Fortune 100 companies, to help them achieve better management outcomes. Through customized assessments, strategic planning, and trainings and workshops we help our clients in a wide range of areas including: diversity and inclusion, brand strategy, supplier diversity strategy, cultural change/organizational cohesion, and strategic collaborations.

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Our Core Values


We believe that service is the most important part of everything that we do. Our focus is on anticipating, recognizing, and meeting our clients’ needs to drive satisfaction. We make ourselves available, determine what is going to make them successful, and work together to find ways to achieve that success.


We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We leverage our experience and expertise and work closely with our clients to develop customized engagement plans that reflect their needs, success metrics, and budget.


We are pragmatic, we want our clients to see measurable change and/or have a feasible action plan when we complete our work.


We believe that meaningful change cannot happen without an understanding of the perspectives of organizational stakeholders and their buy-in. We engage internal and (when appropriate) external stakeholders throughout the engagement process.


We review past and current work as well as external best practices to develop innovate solutions. We develop and implement creative solutions to add value, not repeat what has already been done.


We believe that objective metrics must be used to measure change.


We are flexible and understand our need to change to the evolving needs of our clients. In our work, while we integrate the impact of projected future driving forces into our solutions, we know that plans must remain flexible enough to respond to unexpected circumstances.


Our diverse and highly-credentialed team assists a range of clients, from small colleges and universities to Fortune 100 companies, achieve better management outcomes through a variety of services. 

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The Barthwell Group provides a broad array of services to our clients. Our areas of expertise include: diversity, equity, and inclusion, strategic planning, supplier diversity and supplier relations, and teambuilding and team engagement. 

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The Barthwell Group, Inc.
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